Service & Spare Parts

The Best Possible Service Has Top Priority At Euro

Since 1969, service has been the backbone of our business.  We are experts at solving difficult machine tool problems.  Our service engineers travel the entire country and have many years of hands on experience.  We are industry professionals who can diagnose the problems & engineer cost effective solutions.

For that reason, we have the expertise to service most brands of metal cutting machine tools.  From horizontal and vertical boring mills, machining centers, turning centers, as well as various types of grinding and gear cutting technology.

Our electrical engineers can solve most any programming and machine control issues.  No matter what electrical system you may have.

EURO can provide mechanical evaluations of wear to gear and drive trains, geometrical wear and alignments, and other mechanical issues.

EURO can remove obsolete items from a machine tool and provide engineering of new drive technology components such as gear reduction boxes, belt reduction pulleys, lubrication systems, and also provide well engineered protection from the dangerous machining environment.

Contact us today to find out how we can address your particular service needs!

Spare Parts

EURO has a spare parts department stocking various parts for older European machine tool manufacturers as well as Asian and Domestic machine tools.  Our growing stock of hard to find parts includes electro-magnetic clutches and brush inserts, gears, bearings, as well as hydraulic and electrical components.  Chances are we have it or know exactly where to get it through our many industry contacts.

Please contact us if you have any spare parts needs!

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