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Remanufactured Snyder VTL Turning Forged Railroad Wheels

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Remanufacture Snyder Vertical Boring Mill – Siemens 840D CNC Control

In 2012, EURO was contracted to completely "remanufacture" a 1960’s vintage SNYDER vertical boring mill. No longer in business since the ‘70’s, Snyder produced vertical and horizontal turning machines specifically to meet the heavy-duty turning requirements of forgings such as axels and wheels for the rail road industry. Absolutely zero documentation is available for Snyder machines, so EURO had to completely reverse engineer and model the machine in-house with our SolidWorks CAD system. Reverse engineering the machine has provided us with machine prints and component assembly drawings with spare part numbers and parts lists that is invaluable to the customer for troubleshooting and maintenance, future service, and spare parts needs.

In addition to a complete electrical overhaul, we removed the old Tracer system and mechanically converted all hydraulic axes to 4" diameter ballscrews and bearing blocks capable of over 40,000# thrust. This design is absolutely necessary to engage the work piece with multiple button nose cutters at ½ inch depth of cuts. The machine received a completely new electrical system including SIEMENS 840D sl CNC control, 250 HP SIEMENS AC table motor, axes motors and drives, and new machine wiring throughout. New modern hydraulic and lubrication systems were added as well.

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