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Remanufacture 9" Schiess Ram-Type Floor-Type HBM – Siemens 840D CNC Control

In 2010, EURO was contracted to completely "remanufacture" a large 9" spindle SCHIESS Ram-type Floor-Type HBM to like new condition. The 17 ton headstock, 50 ton 10x12 ft CNC rotary table, and head attachment pick-up magazine was reconditioned at our facility. The hydrostatic systems were completely overhauled to new condition with all new hydrostatic oil lines, hydraulic pumps and motors, hydrostatic guide-ways (gibs and oil pockets) were replaced and scraped to like-new geometrical tolerances. Hydrostatic spindle bearing was completely overhauled. Y-axis and Z-axis transmissions in the headstock were totally rebuilt and replaced with new gears and bearings. The machine received a completely new electrical system including SIEMENS 840D sl CNC control and new machine wiring throughout including 125 Kw Siemens AC main spindle motor to replace the old DC spindle and axis motors and drives. The machine bed (X-axis) and column (Y-axis) ways and guide-ways were scraped as like new from years of hard use. This machine received the "full treatment" to bring it back to like-new factory condition from SCHIESS.

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